Technology Services

Highland Group staff have directly added over $15 million to the bottom line for our technology clients. Our services range from simple reviews of software for usability and issues, through to the development of entirely new software and hardware.

An example of a major project was the design and development of a biometric enabled portable smart card reader for use in China. This reader was part of a $70m social security card contract in Liaoning province, the largest such contract won by an Australian company. The technical solution developed, in Sydney, included the world’s first implementation of advanced new image compression standards on a portable device. This project was of such significance that the rollout was personally launched by the Chinese Premier.

Our people have also:

  • Run bids on technology projects worth over $300m in S/E Asia and China.
  • Secured marketing partnerships with international companies covering Australasian distribution and integration of their technologies.
  • Recruited and led software and hardware development teams.
  • Found acquisition targets for technology companies, and guided them through the acquisition process.
  • Negotiated business relationships to commercialise and distribute technologies in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Australia and the USA.

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