Management Assessment

For managerial level assessment Highland Group uses the most advanced and comprehensive HR system available: Drake Picasso, through the global HR company Drake International. We know Picasso well as we have assisted in its continuous development for over ten years. Picasso is a powerful psychometric assessment tool used to determine leadership and operating styles, reasoning skills, conflict handling styles, personality traits, the role a individual plays within a team, occupational preferences, and behavioural competencies.

This proven system is used world-wide by organisations that want the most valid and comprehensive human capital analysis and development tool available today.

management assessment for all organisationsPicasso is built on selected and well proven assessment instruments that have been completed by many thousands of managers and potential managers world wide. These assessments are integrated through a computer analysis system that produces highly specific insights and multiple reports within minutes of the assessments being completed, providing objective data that you can work with straight away.

To understand how Picasso can improve your management selection, development and succession planning processes and build strong, productive teams, contact us today.